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Meet The Team

“Tipplemill showcases the unique quality which can be achieved when a wonderful team of individuals with the same dedication work together to achieve the shared goal of producing the best possible London dry gin”

Lily Craven

Lily Craven

Lily returned to the family farm after graduating university with a degree in Psychology and has focused her work on enhancing the farms sustainable farming ambitions. A keen sportsperson, lily has played tennis and hockey around the UK throughout her childhood and can now be found back on the hockey pitch representing City of Peterborough.

Lily has sought to create a gin grown in harmony with nature. The spirit in every bottle represents her family’s heritage and the values passed down through generations

James Craven

James graduated from Newcastle with a degree in Economics and Politics before heading to Ndola in Zambia to help oversee a large banana and orange growing operation. Having travelled through Africa, visiting Lake Bangweulu, Victoria falls, Lake Kashiba and visiting the last pair of Northern White Rhinos on the planet in Kenya, James has followed in his father’s footsteps returning to the farm in Lincolnshire.

James oversees the production and harvesting of our wheat, ensuring we have the best base on which Tipplemill gin is created.

Head Distillers

Tibor Horvath

Born in Hungary Tibor is an ex Hungarian army staff sergeant. Living in the UK since 2004, Tibor has 13 years’ experience in brewing and distilling and is responsible for helping make our London dry base alcohol from Tipplemills flour before distilling it to create our Classic London Dry Gin.

During his spare time Tibor is a keen sportsman, particularly a game of football, tennis, squash.

Paul Sipas

From chef to beer sommelier and now Brewer and Distiller, alongside Tibor, Paul is responsible for helping make our London dry base alcohol.

Paul was born in Lithuania and lived in the US for 14 years where he played basketball. Father of three, when Paul is not busy brewing and distilling he enjoys watching Liverpool FC.

Recipe Development

Jamie Baxter

Jamie graduated with a degree in Biology and after a few years as a beach bum has worked in the food and drink industry for most of his life.

After selling his breakfast cereal company Jamie went to work with Tyrell’s Crisps’ founder Will Chase to build a potato vodka distillery instead. Within 6 months Chase Vodka was named best Vodka and won a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits awards. When Jamie left some four years later he realised that there was no-one in the UK with the same experience of setting up craft distilleries and so became a consultant to help people get started.

Jamie has now built over 50 distilleries in the Uk and around the world and has helped with our recipe development to ensure that it is the best possible London dry gin produced in a traditional copper pot still.

David Clutton

David is the only person to have a PhD in gin as the author of a thesis examining the flavour elements of gin and how each botanical contributes to the overall taste. David was tasked with helping create a recipe for our classic London dry gin taking inspiration from the elderflowers foraged from our hedgerows and sweet fennel from our botanical garden.

Taking only the finest ingredients, our recipe is based upon the very best juniper berries harvested In Italy which provides the base to the gin. It is overlaid with coriander, from the Black Sea Coast, a vital component to the most classic gins as it adds a spicy citrus note. Angelica root from Belgium gives the dryness associated with a traditional London dry gin whilst uplifting citrus notes are provided by the hand peeled grapefruit peel dried in the Mediterranean sun. The union of the sweet fennel and elderflower links the finest botanicals from around the world to our small family farm in Lincolnshire to create our classic London dry gin.

The Millers

Moulton Windmill

Left to right: Raymond Faux , Peter Hall, James Lloyd, Paul Bellamy, Peter Flett and Ian Betts

Raymond (Ray) (Joined 2006)

Maintenance engineer

Ensures smooth running of the mill mechanisms from the cap of the mill.

Peter (Joined 2010)

Electrical engineer

Secures the flour ready for lowering to the ground flour

Paul (Joined 2005)

Duty manager

Collects the milled flour into paper sacks

Geoff (Joined 2004)

Tour guide | Sail adjuster

Geoff can open and closer the sail shutters using chains depending on wind strength. This skill ensures the sails are turning at the ideal momentum to grind the wheat to the desired coarseness

Peter (Joined 2019), Jim (Joined 2017) and Ian (Joined 2011)

Electrical engineer | General maintenance

Together they tip the wheat into the hopper which feed the millstone

Alan and Monica Lambert Joined 2004

Treasurer | Tea room and shop manager

Whilst Alan hosts tours and is a regular speaker on Moulton windmill, Monica manages the mills tea room and shop